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Along with cost-effective prices and satisfactory customer support,
Electro has been successfully serving all industries for over 40 years.


Electro Industries

Electro Industries, Inc. was founded by Nathan Scwhartz, who started in the power supply industry as a design engineer. Specifying the design of power supplies into its most efficient form, Mr. Schwartz has built Electro Industries, Inc. into a leading manufacturer of lab-grade, cost-effective power supplies for over 50 years. All of our power supplies are fully-tested and burned-in before delivery to assure our customers of a trouble-free, reliable product for years to come. They are well-suited for use in industry, education, quality control, online production testing and servicing applications. Their excellent value also makes them a favorite for experimenters and hobbyists.

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Our Power Supplies have all been designed to give the user the most efficient testing instrument, and we are confident we have a model to fit any need. Our models range in outputs up to 60 Volts and 25 Amps, have digital or analog meters, and single output and multi-output options.

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